Windows 7 Print to PDF not working


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When I try to print a document from the print menu the option to print to PDF is not there. I had this option in other versions of windows. Is there a setting I must fix in order to get this option back?
You need to get a program like adobe acrobat reader that allows you to print to a pdf. It does not come installed on any windows OS unfortunately. You must have had a pdf printer. Try this free one called Bullzip. I installed it on windows 7 and can confirm that it works. Once installed you will have an option to print to bullzip pdf. Just choose that opiton.
I have acrobat 8 professional

I have acrobat 8 professional installed and was able to print to PDF in other versions of windows. For some reason windows 7 did not allow me to load this option when I installed acrobat 8 professional.
This worked for me:

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I have Acrobat 9.0 Professional. I assume the same will work in 8.0
I was able to Check Use an existing port, But did not have the option to select Documents\*.pdf (Adobe PDF) from the drop down menu. I am also running the 32 bit version of windows 7.