Windows 10 Problem Installing a m2 SSD to clone windows into.


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Dec 20, 2022
Hello everyone, I'm not that knowledgeable on this so please bare with the details.

I just brought a nvme to install on my motherboard.
After taking out my original memory which was a 250gb nvme with windows installed on it.

I cloned windows from the 250gb to a 2tb HDD drive.

Im trying to boot windows from the HDD but windows won't. (It still boots when the new nvme drive is not installed.)

I have changed boot orders and still stuck.
Please help.
What did you use to clone to the new SSD? Macrium Reflect Maybe? What's the make and model of your Motherboard? Or if it's an OEM like DELL or HP what's the make and model of the computer? Do you have 2 nvme slots and are you using the same slot that the old SSD was in for the new SSD to boot from? Sorry... Lots of questions.
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Hello Lance.
I believe the part to be a fake. or wrong part. Or the booting from the clone (HDD) is being discharged because of the SSD.

The computer manufacture part compatibly says it has 1 m2 slot with max of 1tb... I did a pc parts check on Cruicals site and they say that the 4tb m2 is compatible.

I am currently believe Crucial. As how will it only be limited to just only a 1tb.
(Makes no sense)
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