problem updating driver for intel chipset


i recently installed windows 7 ultimate x64

i have a intel GM45 chipset and i been looking all over for a driver that i could actualy install

i tried installing the one from intel website and it say that my computer doesnt have the minimum requierments .i tried running as windows 7 comptibly and on administrator and no luck.

anyone having ideas?

yea i did...for one it doesnt show anythin about the only say that i have the wifi driver install.ed...i find it hard to behlive that the driver is up to date since its from 2006


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I see what you mean.

What kind of problems are you experiencing?

well...the OS isnt running smothly as i thought it would...and this is the only hardware wich i dont have a driver for yet...
one more thing wich wired is that in the windows computer rating processor get a rating of 3.6 wich in vista it got 5.0...i know its not that acurate but adding it up with the slowness ill say its wired...

dont know if it helps but i have a TOSHIBA A305-S6898


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You don't have any yellow flags in Device Manager, do you?

I'll bet your lowest rating was the video, am I correct?

nope no yellow flags...and be rating of the video is quite high ...4.0...thats pritty good for this kind of card the lowest rating is of the proccesor 3.6 wich is wired since it is a intel dual core 2 T5800 proccesor


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That's a change, it's usually the graphics card with the lowest score was a 3.2.

Overal it's 3.0 which is kind of strange as I just swapped out my old video card with a Nvidia8600 GT:confused:

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