Problem with IE

I've installed twice and have the same issue. I can navigate to many pages using IE, but cannot connect to sites such as the default home page, google, or even myspace...just to name a few. Any help would be great :confused: also cannot navigate away from I DO have connectivity and can navigate to some sites, but most are unreachable.

I had the same problems, but after poking around the internet settings I can't connect at all now.

I fixed the internet connection problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the network adapter, now I'm back to the original problem. I can only go to a few websites like yahoo and even then none of the links work.

I fixed mine with these instructions.

Click on Start orb
Right-click on Computer
Click on Manage
Click Continue
Select Device Manager on the left
Expand Network adapters on the right
Right-click the network adapter
Click on Properties
Click on Advanced
Select TCP Checksum Offload (IPv4) on the left
Set value to Disabled
Click OK, and clock the Device Manager

I had the same problem and I found out it was a problem with the vista drivers for my gigabit network card. If you're having these problems and you have a Marvel Yukon Gigabit ethernet controller you need to download the drivers directly from the Marvell site as the drivers vista installs don't work.

just go here:
Marvell: Consumer Driver Search

and run a search based on the platform you're using. should solve your problems if you have a gigabit ethernet controller

Let me know how it goes

the driver install worked. I thought Vista had the latest drivers but apparently not...the easiest solution, in this case, was the correct solution. Thanks :)

glad i could help. It's little bugs like this that stop people from giving vista a good workout.

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