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Windows 7 Problem with USB ports


New Member
Oct 22, 2012
I have a Gateway NV55c. I had no problems with windows 7. I am running Windows 8 9600 build now. My USB ports will not work unless I have a powered expansion port plugged in. It's as if they are not getting power, how ever, I check the settings in the device manager and it says they have power. I believe this may be a driver issue. Any help would be appreciated.

I checked your manufacturers web page and drivers can be found here:

Link Removed

Try using the windows 7 versions first and if you have a problem use compatibility mode.
I have all the drivers installed. Its a setting, driver or something else. I can get my computer to recognize and install drivers and use any device, as long as it is plugged into a self powered USB port expander. The expander will work on any of the 3 USB ports. Any device not run thru the powered expander will not be recognized, or power up. Any device plugged into the expander works just fine. I can plug in my small keyboard light in any USB port and it lights up though. I'm at a loss. Windows 8 Enterprise N (x64) build 9200.win8_gdr.120926-1855
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