Problème de démarrage

Hello there,

I have a very big problem and I greatly need your help please !!

My problem is the start of windows 8, knowing that I have one local user account. Indeed, when I start my pc and after some time the appearance of the home page, a sudden disconnection is done by displaying a blue page says "Logout".

Then another page appears and remains a few seconds and then disappear, it is entitled "Closing an application and logging off" and then says "Task Host Window" and below it there's the "Breakfast spots stops stains in the background .. ", and bottom of the page says" back and save your work click cancel and terminate your spots "and at the end there are two buttons the one is "If déconneter anyway" and the other "Cancel".

Then the home page back then is disconnected again etc ...

Now I should mention that I tried to start my pc in safe mode and the problem does not exist in this mode!

I did a full scan with symantec and it was detected only risk is "Torjon.Zbot" who came from a link télécargement a programmme, I removed the link and I uninstalled the program in question but to no avail, the problem still persists !! I did a scan with ZHPDiag and it did not detect any threats !!

I do not know where the problem comes !! Please help me if you have an idea about this problem !!

Thank you in advance.

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Patcooke is right it sounds like you have a virus.
Malwarebytes will probably remove it, but here is some additional information with some other options if it doesn't...


thanks for both of you, but the problem wasn't solved!! I scanned with malwarebytes, it detected some things in Registry Key, and then it asked me to chose an action, so I let it Quarantine, and when I rebooted, the problem of the sudden deconnexion came back!!! please help!!!


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Try SuperAntiSpyware...

Make a note of what it finds before you remove them, so we know what you are dealing with.

Check out the Microsoft Malware Removal Tool..

and the Security Scanner...

This is why it's a really good idea to have a disk image of your hard drive, when something like this happens you can just wipe the drive and restore it to a previous state where everything was working perfectly.

If it's "Torjon.Zbot" there are some removal software apps out there.

Be careful about who you get the fixes from, the guy who want to charge you $50 to fix it may be the guy put it on there to start with. That's why I'm starting with stuff from Microsoft, Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware.

Keep us up to date on what happens when you run these programs.
If it doesn't fix it we'll go from there.

I just ran the Microsoft scanner myself, it seems to be pretty comprehensive.
Mine came up clean.


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