Problems after installing 20H2


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I just installed 20H2 with an in-place upgrade plus the latest updates on 2 HP laptops (different models). I have had no problems with the 15bs234wm, but I have several on the 15da0053wm. It has a 1 TB WD PCIe/NVMe which I installed just after completing the upgrade/updates, which I cloned from the existing 1 TB SATA hard drive. I disabled the Optane memory in the BIOS, then pulled the drive and the Optane to install the SSD.

I have two problems on the 15da- 1.) 5 of my 8 desktop gadgets won't display properly any more (they all still run just fine on the 15bs) 2.) My notification area won't stay open for me to read notifications- it snaps shut as soon as I move the mouse up into it (the 15bs still works just the same as it always has .

Does anyone have any suggestions? (The problems appeared before I switched out the SATA drive for the SSD, so it's not the drive.)