problems after serious pc crash

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    hi everyone!
    my pc system is recovering from a serious crash resulting from a partition chaos (i happened to have been the cause ;) )
    so - the pc boots again ... BUT, there are some issues i would be happy to find answers for in this forum:

    1) windows 7 boots ... then goes into "starting desktop" and then remains on a light blue screen with the windows 7 build (7100) information in the lower right corner (& something like: "the authenticity of this version has not been validated yet"). nothing else. after waking up from "energy save" mode, the proper user selection tab appeared but when i clicked it, i got the same light blue blank screen - any ideas? windows repair mode does not show me any errors.
    2) sorry if this is xp related but in case i will observe the same behavior in w7 also, i think its legit to add this second problem here: after merging some partitions i find several folders "inaccessible" ie: clicking on it gives me "acces denied" . i tried to boot into save mode and adjust the user authorisations - however to no avail. even here i would get the message, that i do not have the authorisation ... / i could think - however i do not know for sure, that it could somehow be related to merging of two partitions. // being in admin mode - very strange isn't it? hmm ... any clues?

    can someone think of a solution?

    thanks for reading,
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