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Windows 10 Problems with microphone on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


New Member
Aug 25, 2015
Hello all,
After downloading windows 10, I have recently noticed that when I attempt to talk in CS:GO, people are telling me to stop using my mic. According to feedback from friends, my microphone sounds like I have a voice changer equipped. I tried listening to myself in steam and that was indeed the problem. I proceeded to go to my microphone settings and listened to myself there. My voice appeared to be normal and I could understand myself perfectly. I do believe this issue has something to do with windows 10 because my mic works fine elsewhere but is defective in CS:GO. I have searched this issue and a handful of people have the same problem. If anyone knows of this problem and knows how to resolve it, help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
Did you try turning the system mic off from privacy... as a test? I found it was mucking up the Adobe chat we sometimes use at work
Screenshot (29).png
Just check the settings of your mic! Or try another microphone. Probably, you need to configure it again after you installed Windows10. This shit happens After I re-installed the system, I lost all my skins :(
When you installed Windows 10, you need to check the configurations of the microphone. It happens sometimes. The new system might not recognize the microphone. Check if the microphone works with other apps and games. I cannot understand how come some of you lost their game skins. How do you survive? I don't know what I would do if this happened to me! Luckily, my friend explained to me how to sell csgo skins. Now, I don’t have that many left. I sold almost all of them, just left for myself a few that I liked the most, and couldn’t say goodbye to them.
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I face a similar sort of issue when playing AMONG US Games. I have SONAX Roam Wireless speakers, it stops responding whenever I start the game. I have re-installed the sound drivers but no luck. I suggest you run the troubleshooter so the windows can detect the issues in most cases it helps to fix the issues or if you are using HP use HP Assistant. It will also be a great option of debugging.
I am not certain but try to reset or troubleshoot your system, as an alternative for gaming purposes, you can consider re-install the drivers. It will probably work for you.
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open your friends list and click on the gear icon.. go to voice and select your mic.. restart csgo and it should work
I had a similar problem, I just uninstalled the current drivers for the sound card and installed the old version, which was stable.
Hello Friend. I think you should try the Windows 10 troubleshooter, I guarantee it will solve your problem. And I'm so sure, because I had the same situation :) I broadcast live on Twitch, I just can't figure out what to saddle with a webcam. I never liked the image it displayed and couldn't figure out why until I remove bg one day. Now I have a background on my webcam - geometry, and before that it was just one of the gray walls of the apartment. Maybe that's why I didn't like it, but it seems that the issue has already been resolved)
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