Problems with new keyboard.


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Bought a new keyboard the other day, a qpad mk50.
It's connected to the pc through a PS2 > USB adapter.

The problem is that it sometimes disconnects for a second or two, and it can be turned on while the pc is off.
So, the num lock led lights up if i press a button when the pc is completely shut down.

I believe that my motherboard is starting to fail on me, but I didn't have the problem with my previous keyboard.
The problem persists regardless of what usb-port I use.

The motherboard is an asus p7h55 m-pro


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I don't think it's your mobo failing. Try connecting your keyborad directly to the PS2 port. With newer mobo's, most come with USB ports that are all ways on....this is so one can charge there mobile devices and other devices that need charging will the PC is off.


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Oh, I didn't know that!

Forgot to mention that i've been having issues with the ps2 port before, don't remember what happened when I plugged something in, but i'll give it a look when i come home.