Program Text to small

I can't deal with ubber small font. windows 7 is a nightmare on that. My monitor is flatscreen and big (if that matters)

Anyways I have the DPI adjusted to a rate I can deal with, at least in regards to the internet, control panels and stuff like that.

My problem, my very very huge problem, is downloaded programs won't follow that DPI. Photoshop, Sai, and Aim in part (the window and text size of messaging is fine, but settings of aim is ubber small)

Anyways can someone tell me how to fix this so ALL the fonts are big enough for me on this? I've tried everything I can think of at this point. Display properties, DPI, running the programs in 650x(that makes it super huge and unworkable) I saw that there was a way to force programs to NOT display in 95 DPI...but they was over my head so bad.

I need... help and explanation of how I can fix this, in the simplest easiest terms possible please of how to make my art programs and such big text everywhere. Otherwise I'll have to give up my art and coloring on my pet sites. (Yeah I'm a adult and do dumb things like that) because trying to work with such small text gives me eye migraines and headaches...


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Hold down "CTRL" key and then press "+" key as many times as you want.

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..................did you even bother to READ my post. Its not browsers I'm having a problem with. That does NOT work on applications. For goodness sakes I expected real help.


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About all I can do is give you the YouTube video. You question is not specific as to what type of text you want to change. But if you are referring to such things as menu text in those specific programs, you may not be able to adjust it, since the program may not allow it, but I am not a programmer.

With a question such as yours, it might be beneficial to provide a picture of what you want to change. The snipping tool is great for that and you can attach them directly in your post. That would help clarify your situation, since there are fonts for all sorts of things.

The ease of access section might have something to help you if you need to make everything larger. I use the Winkey + + (magnifier) if I need to see something better, although it probably will not make it clearer.

For questions about specific software, it might be good to go to a forum site for it. They would have much more experience than someone that does not use the software.

Hopefully you will find someone that can help with your situation.


There has to be a way to change it, otherwise I'm screwed. x.x I won't ever be able to draw or color on my art programs again.

And I tried to explain... The font size on nearly everything is fine, I used ease of access, display, DPI settings to make it so. But the programs won't obey that! And they should. I had Sai and Aim on my old computer )xp( and the font was NOT t o small, even when I switched to flat screen monitor.

Sorry if I'm grumpy but I'm so frustrated, I can't get any help. one stupid forum I went to deleted my post for NO reason and banned me when I said I did not appreciate how no one was bothering to help me (when every single other thread had help asap) and that it was not fair to delete my posts for zero reason.

Picture uploaded. You see how the text on top is fine. Its the menu text, the boxes with images and text that are really really small. And yes I tried messing with photoshop options, it made things like..2% bigger. Which is NOT enough.



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..................did you even bother to READ my post. Its not browsers I'm having a problem with. That does NOT work on applications. For goodness sakes I expected real help.
Wow.... I normally follow up on issues but with your attitude, I am done here. Totally not worth it. "For goodness sakes", I expected a little thank you.

I am sorry to have misread your problem. I hope you find a solution.

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I'm not sure you can do it through Windows. Windows mainly gives an OS and surrounding for programs, and if you enlarge or minimize things through Windows, it's general. Windows doesn't interfere with program codes of others, and that would be needed here, since you want parts to be controlled individually. Thus, in my view, you should look for the answer with the program makers - it does need programming. They may have patches or add-ons?

Sorry I can't give you more.

Hold down "CTRL" key and then press "+" key as many times as you want.
So that is the shortcut for selecting zoom on the browser. I searched for a long time before I discovered how to increase the size of the text on my browser. I spent a lot of time changing font sizes etc Great answer

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