Windows 7 Question about upgrading from Vista


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May 17, 2009
I currently am using the Vista SP2 RC when initially I had SP1 from Vista Home Premium. I am thinking of installing the Windows 7 RC. When the real Vista SP2 is released will I still be able to get that? Will it recognize that I had Vista before and let me download it?

Should I back up everything I have running through Vista before installing Windows 7?
Hello and Welcome to the windows 7 forums.

It is highly recommended that you do not perform and upgrade.

A "clean" install is the only way to go.

If you have enough hard drive space, you could create a partion to install Windows 7 on. you need at least 40GB of free space.

If you upgrade your Vista system will be replaced by Windows 7 and you will not be able to download any updates of any kind for Vista,
How do I do a "clean install"? I'm not that computer savvy....

Is it literally just downloading it and installing?

Also instructions on how to create a partition.
Clean install is easy. Backup everything that you need. ex. documents, pictures, video's etc... put them on another pc, or another hard drive separate from the one that contains windows. Then pop the dvd in, boot to it. go through the setup process but when it asks if u want to upgrade or custom install. go to custom install. from there what i usually do is go to drive options, then format the drive that contained windows vista. then click next and it will do a fresh install to that. I just read the last part of that about creating a partition. That's allitle more complicated. I ususally have bad luck with partitions on drives so i try to stay away from them. lol.
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