Random BSODs, halp!

Yeah, I could ship it back, I just hate to do that if I could fix it myself ><
I'll definitely consider it though, this is beginning to be a much bigger pain in the *** then I'd anticipated

LOL... I hear ya... I'm the one they ship them back to...

We all like to think we can handle anything. Fixing stuff is the computer nerd's claim to fame. But there comes a time when our pride just doesn't get it done so we bite the bullet and let someone with actual training deal with it.

Hey, even I get the odd one I can't fix...

Well, looks like I'm just gonna pack it up after reading the surprisingly good warranty policy. I'd rather have it replaced or repaired by the company then mess around with updating bios/changing clock settings. Thanks a lot for your time guys, I really appreciate the help :)

Sure, your call. But the first thing that would be done if you brought the machine to a shop (not saying you should) would be the bios update.

It's very common for brand new machines to need that, even when the board is also brand new.

So I decided to update my BIOS and see if that would help, after rebooting and starting up a game to test it IMMEDIATELY bluescreened. When it booted back up the motherboard's BIOS repair utility reverted it back to the old BIOS version. So I'm assuming updating the bios isn't going to help? xD

Captain Jack

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Sorry i couldn't respond to this thread was having some medical problem. So even after upgrading the PSU didn't fix the problem rite ? I'm not too good in Hardware but I Google around the error you got from Prime95 test most of them says it's fixed by bumping the voltage of RAM a little high maybe upto 1.9V the MemTest seems like it found one error that quiet clear i might be something to do with Hardware components. I agree with CommonTater if it covers warranty i don't see a point you wasting some much time on this issue rather have them fix it for you.

Good Luck,

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