Windows 10 Random folders appear on all my drives


So I have various desktops and all have more or less the same issue. In the root of each drive there are randomly named folders generated. Names like:


So the only common thing seems to be that they are all hexadecimal, but even the lenght of the names are different.

There is a minor difference in Win10:

  1. For Win 7/8/8.1 the folders are empty.
  2. On Win 10 the folders contain a folder called SandBox which is empty.
The majority of the folders can be deleted without any issues, but some of them can't even with administrator rights.

I spent the last two days on google but couldn't solve this. I read that many of the people thinks that this is due to Windows Update. If that was true why my non-system partitions, external hard drives, usb pendrives are also affected?

I have to mention that all of my machines are affected regardless of their OS, location, user, etc. They run different anti-virus/anti-malware tools. None of them shows any sign of any infection.

What the heck is that?


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I used to get these folders all the time in Windows 8 but I haven't seen them in Windows 10.

I too thought that they were associated with Windows Update.

They did not appear on my C:\ drive but used to show up at the top of my D:\ drive.

If you use SuperAntiSpyware it has a SuperDelete file removal tool that might get rid of them.