Random Mouse lag/stuttering in Windows 8.1

Title says it all, I have no idea what's going on, and I have been trying to find a fix, but I just can't find one!

A demonstration of the problem in action, and additional details about the problem and my computer are in this video:

Thanks a ton for your time, and I really hope at least one of you know how to help!


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There is a possibility something on your system is causing your system to be busy and taking priority from the mouse.

You might leave Task Manager open on the tabs which shows CPU time, like details and see if something jumps to the top of the list when the problem occurs.

You might also try reinstalling the mouse driver and/or video driver.

Thanks for the quick reply!

anyway, you were right there.. Sometimes google chrome shoots up in CPU percentage, and that's when the problem starts.. Is there any way to give more priority to the mouse?


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You are asking a question about which I have very little experience. I do see in Task Manager, when right clicking on the Chrome.exe entry, you may be able to change its priority to keep it from intruding. I have not seen a way to do this with the mouse, but I will have to do some research.

Other than that, if you check the Resource Monitor or Performance Monitor, do you see any system resources that are being heavily used? What percentage of your Memory or Disk is still available. If your hard drive was almost full, it could be involved. For instance, right now on my system, I am showing 20% of my Physical Memory used. If you were to show a much higher percentage, it might be involved. But basically, look around and keep you eyes open just in case you might notice something related to your mouse situation.

If it is a USB mouse, do you have any other USB devices plugged in?

If it involves Chrome, it might be related to the your network and resources being used to do something there. Maybe there is some toolbar, or some type of utility when Chrome is open that is receiving or sending information or checking some site.

I have waited a couple of days before posting, so I could monitor my computer, and see if I could find the problem, based on all of the things you said...


This problem is really a mystery, and it really is a bummer when I finally get some advice on the problem, and even THAT doesn't help.
This problem never happened on windows 7, and I don't have enough money to buy Windows 7 again, and even if I did, I can't risk losing all of my files!(I have nothing to store my files on while I install windows 7)

Anyway, I really appreciate you taking the time to help, but I don't think this mouse cursor is going to cooperate.


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Sorry you haven't found the cause, but keep watching for threads being posted about the subject.

Good Luck..

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