Random shutdowns

Something weird just happened after the latest crash. I pressed the power button and the cpu turned on, all the fans where on, i could here the dvdr and the hdd, but there was no display, and numlock light on the keyboard was off. Had to hold the power button down to turn it off. Turned it back on and the same thing happened. I had to press the reset switch on the mobo to finally get the system to boot up. I'm getting worried here. Also, the beep upon startup is gone. I used to always hear a short beep from the mobo after I press the power button...

I'd be very inclined to follow this previous link given, as carefully and thoroughly as possible. The author is as knowledgeable as one can be:

Stop 0x124 - what it means and what to try - Windows 7 Forums

Before doing any of that, physically unplug the machine from the wall for a good minute or so. Then plug it back in and begin the troubleshooting processes.

I used the system restore point to revert back to when I only had a few programs installed. Ran for about 3hrs and crashed. Went into safe mode and I got zip a .dmp file and save it to my flash drive right before it crashed again. Hope this helps.

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Yes, it helps.

Uninstall all motherboard utilities such as as EasyTune or AMD OverDrive. That's to get rid of this:
AODDriver AODDriver.sys Wed Sep 02 22:41:48 2009

Update your version of ESET:

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Install the latest Southbridge driver package from this page:

Drivers & Support | GAME.AMD.COM


Open a command prompt. Type systeminfo then press enter. Then visit this Realtek link. Search for your reported Realtek lan adapter number on the left side of this link. Install the found software. For example: 8111

 Rt64win7 Rt64win7.sys Thu Aug 20 12:05:06 2009


Please post any new crash dumps that happen, after these changes have been done.

Been trying to uninstall AMDOverDrive but I can't seem to complete the process due to the crashes. I noticed the crashes don't occur during safe mode tho. But I can't uninstall AMDOverDrive while in safe mode.

Currently DLing latest southbridge driver.

Ran systeminfo in safemode and it says under network card: n/a

Should I install it a lan card driver and then update it? or should i just DL a new one altogether?

Also, I have the latest update of ESET on this pc, can I manually update ESET on the faulty PC like I did on MalwareBytes?

Uninstall ESET in safe mode. Since you don't have a connection on the machine, you don't need malware protection (for the most part). When you get a connection again, re-install latest version. Use the tool here, in safe mode:

AV Uninstallers - Windows 7 Forums


While in safe mode, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\AMD\ to delete the OverDrive folder and everything in it too.



Install this driver for the Realtek lan:



Install the AMD Chipset drivers if you didn't already.


Should I follow this links' advice on how to install stuff while in safe mode? I don't want to log in outside safe mode and install shizz only to have the system crash in the middle of the installation process.

But then again, this was posted 2 years ago for window xp... Please advise. Thanks.

Nah, forget that link. If you follow my last post precisely as it shows, it should go well. When rebooting after the OverDrive folder deletion, the reboot should be to normal mode Windows. Then continue with the Realtek install shown.

Hehe... Aite then. I'll go do that now. Thanks. :)

Strangest thing happened. I installed the latest version of the southbridge successfully. Installed the latest Realtek lan. The system seemed fine. I was gonna reboot the system, I clicked on start and as I hovered over the shutdown button, the system crashed. Turned it back on and nothing. No display. Just a repeating beep sound coming from the motherboard. :( I fear my motherboard has died. What can I do now?

Unplug the computer from the wall. Wait for 15 seconds, then plug it back in. Try to boot to Windows.

If no good, unplug it again. Then go inside the case. On the motherboard will be a shiny circular battery. Carefully remove it for about 20 seconds then place it back in. Plug the machine back into the wall. Power it on and boot to Windows.

Went straight to taking the mobo battery out. Removed it for more than 20secs. Still nothing. I'm hearing 3 beeps and then it pauses, then another 3 beeps and so on and so on.

Went straight to taking the mobo battery out. Removed it for more than 20secs. Still nothing. I'm hearing 3 beeps and then it pauses, then another 3 beeps and so on and so on.
I can't guarantee that the issue will be solved, but details, details....

Unplug the machine from the wall as I was saying.

Tried that multiple times. Nothing happened. Same 3 beeps and repeat.

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