Randomly unreachable on reboot

Hello all - I've tried this elsewhere and gotten nowhere, so I figured I would try here.

At my workplace, we have a number of computers that we monitor to make sure they are up. The computers with an issue are Windows 7 pro, imaged by MDT.

So here is the issue. We reboot a number of these computers remotely daily. Every few days (or sometimes daily), we will have then become unreachable. You cannot ping them, you can't access them through the UNC path or by RDP; however, they are still running. They work fine as far as outgoing traffic. So basically what we do is call the location and have people reboot them again and it clears up.

The problem ONLY starts on reboot. You reboot and when they come back up, they aren't accessible. I've tried looking to see if there could be a firewall issue, but these are on the domain and the firewall isn't on with the domain, so I really don't think that is it. I would love suggestions as this issue is really annoying since the computers that run into this issue are remote, so it isn't easy for us to fix them.

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