1. P

    Windows 10 Remote File Manager, from phone etc.

    Hi Is there an program for Windows 10 that gives me a way to work with files remotely? In the way that if I start an file operation, it will finnish it without me staying connected. Like in the Qfile app for Qnap nas, if you start copy of a big file, you don't have to stay connected for it to...
  2. B

    Windows 8 Windows 8.1 keeps defaulting to allow remote access

    I have a laptop running Windows 8.1 Pro, and i am experiencing a problem with it Allowing remote connections (RDP). A while back i noticed that port 3389 (RDP) was open or whatever on this laptop when i scanned my LAN. I know RDP can be a security risk, and i don't need it, so, i opened the...
  3. mrJoeBlack

    Windows 8 Windows 8.1 DRP 8.1 problem

    RDP ofcorse ;-) Faster fingers than thoughts. I have a problem. On my computer from Windows 8.1 I am trying to connect to a remote desktop (Windows 10). I succeed, but I can not do anything. As if it was frozen. I see the desktop and that's it. I turned off the antivirus. I shut down the...
  4. L

    Windows 10 Two Win 10 user accounts running simultaneously, with one used locally and one via RDP? Possible?

    Hi, I need to allow someone to remotely connect to my windows 10 computer, and am wondering if this is possible: I have two user accounts right now on my computer, one for me to work on and one for my friend remotely. I want to use my user account locally for myself, and I want to allow him...
  5. Chenlo

    Windows 10 RDP issue - The logon attempt failed

    Hello all, this is my first post in the forum, New member here... I upgraded to win10 recently and RDP keeps giving me error above... I have tried with both accounts I have and I can't rdp in. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? I've been trying for a few days already and everything...