Windows 10 Wifi & ethernet at the same time, both on different subnets.


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Apr 14, 2022
Perhaps a unusual & rare requirement but hope it might be possible.

I have two Network adapter settings, Ethernet & Wifi

I need to access a Windows 10 PC via remote desktop, I use google, so I need the ethernet LAN connection ALWAYS On & uses 192.168.2. subnet.
Next to this PC is a Modem which has to be on it is in bridge mode so I cannot get access via the LAN (tried everything with the ISP, just not possible) otherwise none of this would be necessary.

Now I can RDP into this PC & then connect the Wifi to the Modem.

However when I open the browser understandably I guess it is using the ethernet connection so won't load & is not visible,
(although oddly it has worked on a few rare occasions & have no idea why.)

Of course I can't disable the ethernet as would loose the RDP.

Am also concerned if I use the advanced & metrics priority, it might switch to just the wifi on 192.168.1 subnet & I loose RDP again.

Any ideas?
thanks I/A
Have you tried creating a software bridge between your ethernet nic and wifi?

Windows allows this by selecting two network interfaces in Control Panel, and right clicking one of them and choosing Bridge Connections.

I would suggest static IP addresses on both interfaces before you attempt this. As well as a creating a System Restore Point.
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