Windows 7 Rat This Computer not working


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Hello. I'm using the 64 bit and cannot "Rate This Computer". So far everything else works well, except IE8 is slow to open new tabs. I'm running Core 2 Quad [email protected], 8GB RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 280. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Nice OS, by the way!:)

Trouble with the typing, apparently!

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It probably gives you an error message that for some reason one of your installed devices drivers is corrupt and that WEI cannot continue. I have received this error on numerous situations. Many times it is due to the fact that a piece of your software is incompatible with the WEI. I have had no success yet at debugging this issue but am hopeful that in the future i will find a solution.
If I try to run the test it will run but then at the end say it cannot be completed becuase of a driver problem or something like that. I am having lots of other trouble with aero crashing and graphics corruption so it is probably related to that.
you didn't install any graphic drivers?
are you using nvidia and windows 7 64bit? because as far as I know nvidia does not provide a decent 64bit driver for windows 7 (or at all?).
in any case, check the optional windows updates (there should be a windows 7 beta driver for your graphic card).
just go to windows updates and check for updates, then click optional updates (or something like that, don't have the english version of windows ;-))

you can check what drivers are missing by going to the device manager - any device with an exclamation mark or red error icon next to it isn't installed properly
I have installed the graphics drivers from windows update, the only thing with a exclamation mark in device manager is my tv tuner as the drivers are only for XP. I think the aero problem is related to my motherboard.