Read-Only Folders in Windows 10?

hi all, i've been a long time lurker of this site and i really respect this community because there are just so many I.T experts.

this is my question: How can i make a folder in Windows 10 Pro "read-only"? i just want to be able to make it so that my .doc files, .mp3 files, .jpg files and so on can't be altered in any way.

i'd appreciate any advice.


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  • Right click on the folder and select Properties
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Click Advanced
  • Add the users you want to have Read (Read & Execute, Read and List folder content)
  • Click Apply, then click the "Disable Inheritance" button
  • Click Apply, Ok
  • Done

Thanks! I'm trying what you said now.

The only other idea was to burn the folder to a DVD-R as this would make it impossible to make changes.

Is there another way to make a folder "Read Only"?


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To truly make it read-only, the cheapest solution would indeed be to write the data to a DVD-R or CD-R. A folder setup with my instructions is read-only, but an administrator can change it even if they have no permissions to the folder. Although doing this isn't something someone could just accidentally do.

The other option would be to buy and install a hardware write blocker, this can be pretty expensive. There is another way to do it, perhaps when I have some time I will create a tutorial for creating a read-only virtual partition.

Thanks so much but is there an easier way for me to create a "read only" folder?


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Other than reply #2 no


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Well since you said any advice...

If you want to back up your files so that they are safe, I'd just copy them to an external hard drive and then turn it off or unplug it. I periodically update my backups but it's kind of a pain.

They aren't safe if you only have them in one location even if they are write protected, many things can go wrong that will lose your files.

If you don't want them accessible to other people you can use a folder hiding program like Wise Folder Hider, which makes the whole folder inaccessible (actually invisible) to anyone else accessing the computer.

But as Neemo says, you can make them read only but they can easily be changed back.

If you are only worried about them getting changed or deleted by accident, then backing them up to another drive is probably the best solution.


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