Windows 7 ReadyBoost - Not testing Correctly


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For some reason, Windows7b ReadyBoost fails my 8GB Cruzer micro (SanDisk) that is rated for ReadyBoost. Yet, my 1GB Kingston SD card that is not rated for ReadyBoost passes the test.
I would like to warn that using the SD card for ReadyBoost causes Windows to totaly freez up, a few min after booting.

Other than that, my problems with this OS have been minimal.
I just need an updated driver for Intel 945 Express Chipset grafix.
I have a 4 gig ReadyBoost USB drive on my computer. I have 4 gigs of ram memory. Computer is running great.
It doesn't appear to be hurting anything.

Great to hear it is working for you !
Is ReadyBoost actually noticeable on that powerful of a desktop?
It seems to help my laptop some.... but on a desktop w/ over 3 gigs ram... you may need to be a computer to notice any differance.
btw, SATA/RAID kicks flash drives arse.
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Like I said, my computer is running great. The ReadyBoost drive is part of my computer, I don't want to take it out or tinker with my computer anymore than necessary.
Did I notice any difference when I installed it ?? Not really. But I want it there, in the event my computer needs it.

It doesn't seem to be hurting anything.