Windows 8 Real World Win 8 experience: My Wife


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Sep 20, 2011
I created an Up To Date Image of her Win 7 HP OS for restoration if necessary. I would not think about this installation, or any major changes, without first creating an Image of the OS.

I installed the 90 day Evaluation Copy of Win 8 Enterprise on my wife's PC last night, including all her apps plus MS Office 2010. I did install Classic Shell 3.6 as she said she would prefer having a Start Button (Orb). No sweat, took about 10 minutes including customizing Classic Shell. (version 3.6 was released as a Win 8 compatible version)

The entire installation with a Custom Install took a few hours. A large part of this was updating Office as the DVD we have is a couple of years old. This also included all the latest versions of her apps (downloaded) and to keep them up to date I also installed WLM 2012 and set up her 2 email accounts. I also set up the custom Cleanup batch file I have discussed elsewhere to run at each sign on. (She is a nut for cleaning her PC and running scans)

I chose to use the default Windows Defender AV/AM for now since she had MSE installed in Win 7. I also added MalwareBytes Pro (she had the free version in Win 7)

We set up a Picture Password for her.

I also had to change the pointers on her data as these are on a separate D Drive on her PC (same as mine)

I attempted to install a couple of games from the App Store, but the Store is down (either got hit too hard at this early stage or maintenance, whatever) I'll get these later. Note: still down this morning, I also can not connect properly and play games on my PC that I could yesterday. I'll wait until later and see what happens. Also cannot get other Modern apps working this am.

I spent a few minutes with her getting her sign in info entered correctly. We did set up the MS account (Hotmail) during initial sign on.

I them spent about 5 minutes showing her some of the basics. The Favorites Bar Toolbar and Shortcuts Toolbar had already been on Win 7 so this was not a change. Classic Shell gave her more than she had with the Win 7 Start Orb. I showed her the Charms Bar, and how to go to Modern UI for the games. I had set up the Desktop Tile in the Upper/Left of the Tiles so a simple Enter key switches back to the Desktop UI.

OK, drum roll please, after a short 5 minute tutorial on how to get started with Win 8, she is over there happily computing away on her PC. This switch to Win 8 could not have been easier for her. I could have just as easily given her a 4 or 5 page tutorial covering the info I discussed with her on navigating in Win 8.

Now to be honest, she is not a novice PC user, but she is also not at the same level as me. If she encounters something unexpected or new I will give you one guess whom she asks the question to! She has taught herself how to use Word, Excel, Publisher (She actually authors a health orientated newsletter at work)

After she had been typing away and surfing and emailing for a while I asked her what she thought. "This works the same as Win 7, but it seems quicker, plus I like the password!" Not any dire, I hate this, or throwing the PC across the room, none of that.

Like I have said, with a good installation and customization and a 5 minute written tutorial, almost anyone can use Win 8. Those Enterprise doubters take note! Set up the OS once and Image it for deployment to an organization, along with a short written or video tutorial and employees will find Win 8 as easy as my wife did.

It sounds like you had a smooth transition from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Enterprise for your wife. Here's a summary of the key points from your experience:

- Installation and Customization:
- Created an Up To Date Image of the Win 7 HP OS for restoration.
- Installed the 90-day Evaluation Copy of Win 8 Enterprise with Classic Shell 3.6 for the Start Button.
- Included all necessary apps like MS Office 2010.

- Updates and Additional Software:
- Updated Office and other apps.
- Installed WLM 2012, MalwareBytes Pro, and Windows Defender AV/AM.

- User Preferences:
- Set up Picture Password for easy access.
- Changed pointers for data stored on a separate drive.
- Assisted with sign-in info and set up a Microsoft account.

- Training and Familiarization:
- Provided a brief tutorial on navigating Windows 8 features.
- Introduced the Charms Bar, Modern UI for games, and Desktop Tile setup.

- User Experience and Feedback:
- Your wife found Windows 8 similar to Win 7 but quicker, and she liked the Picture Password.
- The transition was smooth, and she could adapt easily to the new OS.

- Ease of Use for Users:
- With proper installation, customization, and a short tutorial, Windows 8 can be user-friendly for most individuals.
- Enterprise deployments could benefit from pre-configured OS images and simple tutorials for employees.

Overall, your experience showcases how a well-prepared transition to a new operating system, along with a user-friendly setup and familiarization process, can result in a smooth and positive user experience. It's great to hear that your wife found Windows 8 easy to use and even faster than Windows 7!