Really need help with this Windows 8.1 Clean Install


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Okay, so I've used the Windows 8.1 setup utility to get the installation files, I have an 8.1 Pro key. I was previously using Windows 7, and already backed up my data and all that jazz. Anyways, so when I have the files I select the "install from media" option and select a 16gb flash drive that I have to serve as the installation media. I boot into the flash drive, the setup takes much longer than it does with other computers I've done this with, but anyways it boots into it eventually. Then when I delete and format my partitions on my three drives and install it asks me to restart once the installation is done. When I restart i always fails to find the operating system regardless of how many times I've tried it on each drive. I've made multiple installation media usb drives with no luck. My BIOS was flashed a year or so ago with no errors, and I haven't changed any settings in it. My hardware should totally be compatible as far as I can tell. I have a Phenom II X6 @ 3.2ghz overclocked to 3.6ghz, 2 AMD Powercolor 7870's connected with a crossfire cable, an x-fi titanium sound card, 8gb @ 1600mhz g-skill ripjaw series RAM, and a d-link wireless card that I don't use that was disabled while I was using Windows 7. I had no issues with my hardware before, and can't imagine why I would now. Changing usb ports doesn't help either. This is pretty frustrating considering I bought the key and really need this to work, any thoughts? I can't find anything on Google that has actually proven useful. I'm a video editor and I really need help as soon as possible, my work depends on it. Calling Microsoft has proven to be unhelpful, so I wanted to open it up to the forums with hopes of getting helped from there.


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1. When you say that you booted the usb… did you reset the boot order of the bios (to what) or just hit F12?
2. What are the three drives that you formatted e.g 1 ssd drive with 3 partitions or 3 separate hdd?
3. Are you trying to install in legacy mode (MBR) or normal (GPT-UEFI)?

To be clear, The install files did transfer over but the boot (bios) can't recover the image?

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