Really verbose linux-like bootup messages possible?

Danny Clark

New Member
The lack of information on the blue skewed perspective windows logo with white circle of moving dots below it window startup screen is really driving me crazy. Sometimes it takes forever and I'd like to know what the hell windows is doing. It doesn't even show progress of "chkdsk /f/r c:"

Is it possible to enable a Linux level of detail, or something like what Windows 7 does when booting into command line safe mode?

I'm talking about something that shows a scrolling wall-o-text with what it's loading, output of chkdsk, etc.

Please don't reply with info on how to debug long boot times; for this query I'm only interested in if getting more boot up / start up information is possible.

This is *before* the user login screen - I already found the "Enable Verbose or Highly Detailed Status Messages In Windows 7 | 8" setting - I can't post URLs so just google for that if interested - if that's what Microsoft calls Windows 8.1 "Verbose or Highly Detailed" then I guess what I want would be classified by them as "Debug" level of detail probably.

Sorry if this is obvious; I searched a lot and couldn't find anything :-/