Windows 8.1 Really Windows 10, The Witcher 3...


Hotfix 1.31 is now available on PC (Steam and with PS4, Xbox One and Origin to follow later.

- Corrects Arabic text in the expansions.
- Corrects Turkish text.
- Repairs holes in Vimme Vivaldi's new clothes.
- Fixes long loading times in dialogues in the vicinity of Hierarch Square.
- Fixes infinite loading screen occurring during the "Pyres of Novigrad" quest when following the thief.
- Corrects credits.
- (Origin) Fixes NPC lipsync issues.

Patch size is 6-700MB
One good hit from this Earth Elemental was instant death unless I'd cast 'Quen' (armour) beforehand. Luckily Geralt is a slippery bugger and finally after about 20 minutes the beast went down.. :)

finally got it. Haven't played more than 15 minutes yet. I love the graphics, though.
Definitely messing with it later, when I can crank my speakers up some and hear it better.
Yayyy! Dude your now gonna be lost in a world rich in adventure and story for at least 150-200hrs as the main story takes at least this long.
Do you mean Ciri?

If so then don't worry all will be revealed in time.
Your best at first concentrating on side quests and the like. You need to build your character up as quick as you can.
Learn about special potions to cover your swords with. They can give you a decent boost in a fight.

Don't forget about the Armour spell 'Quen'.

Also when fighting don't stand there hacking learn to dodge and roll as this makes your life expectancy far longer.

To heal yourself either meditate or eat food and water. There is a potion called 'Swallow' which is like the nearest thing to a med kit and you should be able to purchase the recipe pretty easy unless you find it first.
Yes, I think it was Ciri. It was actually the 2nd woman in the game. The first was when I was in the tub at the start of the game.Not exactly a tub, more like a aluminum bucket I was in.
You are in for a treat, one of the best games ever.
I've held off on finishing the add on content because I don't want to come to the end.

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I've played through the original game twice, I've only got the last add on material not done.
I'm sure I have hundreds of hours of play time.

The next game I have my eye on is Conan Exiles which goes to early access at the end of Jan.

I played Age o Conan for a long time, and still log in once in a while.

Yeah, I still have a few games on my list to get.
2.Forza Horizon 3
3. WWE 2K17 (Not released for pc yet- Probably March release)
4.Battlefield 1 (Maybe)
5.Titanfall 2 (Maybe)
I'm gonna need a bigger ssd for #4 & #5.
@ more definite pc parts come first before anymore games.
I want to get a EKWB EK XLC Predator 240 Q.D.C. and the 2 fan addon kit for it, so I can continue with push/pull.
Then 2 1.0TB ssd upgrades (1 m.2 & 1 sata).
Then I'll think about Battlefield 1 & Titanfall 2.

Right now I'm back playing The Secret World again.
I've played it off and on since it was in beta testing.

I play with my friend paul, we get in the game for a couple of hours almost every day.

It's still fun after all these years, and the most original MMO avaiable.
It's great to have a game set in the present time where you don't run around wearing armor fighting elves and dragons.

It's still my favorite online game.


Check out this video.
This really is my favorite MMO ever.


It's the only one that I always come back to.
I'm playing especially content now that I've never played before but I still go back to the other areas all the time to do the daily and weekly quests.

I've tried a lot of builds but blade, elemental is my standard.

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