Windows 8.1 Really Windows 10, The Witcher 3...

Now came the mods for the game that greatly improved the graphics.


I have a new computer with an RTX 2080 video card, a 5 GHz CPU and an SSD for Windows and another for all my games.
I'm now running the game on a 34" 3440 by 1440 curved monitor and I can now run at ultimate settings.

I've also installed some mods that raise the resolution of the graphics, it looks fantastic the graphics really blow you away.
I'm still near the start of the game, this will be my second time through but I have all the downloadable content from the start this time.

I'll see if I can post some full resolution images when I get the chance.


I'm worjing on getting a RTX 2050 now. After that's done it'll be 4K ips monitor time for me.
That's if I'm still breathing, though.
My vascular surgeon is saying I need surgery on my aorta and he made it sound like I have a silent aneuryism.
I get the mri for it Friday and then find out whether I get stents or if my abdomen and chest get operated on.
Just glad I never let medical stuff faze me after 39+ years of type 1 diabetes.
He won't do a ct scan on me with the dye due to my diabetic kidney disease.
Atleast the games and my pc keep my mind off of the medical negatives that seem to be piling up faster than usual.