Reconnect shared folder and shared printers


I have 2 computer linked together by a HUAWEI E5776.
  • One connected with USB
  • One connected with WIFI
The computer connected with WIFI is sharing one folder and one printer.
If I log on on the computer in USB - that wants to connect to the shared folders - before the other computer - that is sharing -, I can never access to the spectific folder / printer.
I need to log off and log on again...

Do you know how to solve this?

Thank you,


Wrong section, my computer are running on 7... Anyway it should be the same pb on 8


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Do you know how to solve this?
There is really no solution.
You basically have a client / server relationship between the machine hosting the shares and the other one needing the shares.
If this share host (server) is not available when the client comes on line requesting the shares then the client machine is out of luck.
I suppose if you're patient enough, over time the NetBIOS information will propagate between the machines and the client machine might regain access.
The best solution (such as it is) is to make sure that the server machine is always on line or at the very least is booted before the client.

and we can't, with a script or anything, restart the services to try to reconnect?

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