Recover deleted file on xp


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How do I recover deleted files on Windows XP?
Pretty much the same way you would handle recovery deleted files on any other version of Windows.
Third party data recovery software.
You can start first with one of the multiple free options like Recuva
And if that won't do it, you may have to graduate to a more robust paid, commercial solution like Get Data Back


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I live by Get Data Back, it works great. Of course if you did not stop using the computer then you risk the deleted files getting overridden.


How do I recover deleted files on Windows XP?

When I had an old Toshiba laptop I decided to move all my photos to a flash drive in order to give it some free space. And then my brother formatted this flash drive. I was searching online for the ways to deal with the problem and remembered about the review of data recovery softwares. I found a bookmark in my browser, read through reviews. I end up with Disk Drill It was free but it took a while of scan.
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