red x on network drives after hibernation


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I am running windows 7 sp1 on a laptop. I have 9 network drives mapped. After I close the laptop lid (hibernate) and re open the lid, all the network drives have red x's. I can click on each drive and they come back. Is there any way to stop this from happening?

Spirit Wolfe

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Most people running notebooks are utilizing the manufacturer's version of an OS. So telling us you are running Win7 SP1 is indeed helpful, the way each notebook's power settings' characteristics is what you want to be experimenting with. There is a setting called hybrid within your notebook's power settings. You might try changing that setting to anything but "off", and see if that helps. When you are in hybrid hibernate mode it not only stores the state of your notebook's situation on the primary Window's hard drive (usually C:\) within a hiber.sys file but it also stores the notebook's state within the memory of your notebook. The reason it is off by default is because novice users do not understand or know that by going into a hybrid sleep/hibernation state instead of a standard one is that it eats a lot of battery life.

But what actually happens when you close the lid on your notebook is that the Power State instructions are telling your notebook to suspend (not sever) your WiFi and/or your wired connections to your internet until the next time you wake your notebook from slumber to use.

Hope this helps. But play around with your power settings and see what will work best for you...