Reinstalling Win8 to remove clutter - will I be able to reactivate?


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I want to reinstall Win 8 so that the many trials I've installed and various other 'experiments' I've tried can be removed (completely!).

I want to reinstall Win 8 onto a new SSD drive and add a second hard drive that wasn't part of the original hardware. All other hardware would be the same.

Will I have problems when it comes to activating the new installation?


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Unlikely no… the key issue is if windows 8 was the op that came with the system or you got it separate. A laptop stores the key (usually somewhere on the motherboard) and is the easiest but even in the case of a desktop system that has been rebuilt more times than a movie stars' image the most you need is a phone call.


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No I downloaded it separately so no tie in to manufacturer - this is a homebuild PC. Hopefully that makes it simpler.