Remote Desktop Connection disappeared???


I bought a laptop a couple weeks ago with Windows 7 Home Premium edition. I had setup a shortcut for remote desktop connection to may desktop. A few days ago I deleted the shortcut, but now I can't even find the icon for RDC even in the start menu. I have checked the remote settings in the properties of computer and the only thing there is remote assistance. I have done a search for remote desktop through the computer and nothing is coming up. I'm totally lost and I don't understand what happened to it. I was using it and it was perfectly fine and that it just disappeared when I deleted the shortcut. I'm starting to wonder if one of the windows updates may have removed it from my laptop since is a home premium edition.

Please help!


Noob Whisperer
The remote desktop client is actually called Microsoft Terminal Services Client try typing mstsc in the search or run dialog and see what happens.
Hope this helps

You sniped it, but why has it disappeared from my accessories???


Noob Whisperer
I'm sorry, but I don't do those kind of "why(s)"....I can only advise that the actual executable is located in the C:\Windows\system32 directory and is called mstsc.exe and you can create a shortcut to that executable using a myriad of different techniques.

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