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Windows 7 Remote Desktop Connection


New Member
Jan 15, 2009
Home Setup:

2 x WinXP Pro PC's
1 x WinVista Laptop
1 x Ubuntu PC
1 x Win7 PC
WRT54G (All machines IP addresses are set statically)

For some reason I am unable to get RDP to work on a Win7 PC when trying to connect from XP/Vista using the Netbios name or the IP address on the Win7 PC. For troubleshooting I have turned off the Windows firewall and enabled every single inbound connection rule with no luck. I have tried the home network and work network setup. Win7 PC is pingable by PC name and the static IP address I have assigned it. Folder sharing on the Win7 PC works flawlessly. I know this doesn't matter since I am trying to RDP within my home network but I even port forwarded 3389 on my router to the IP address I assigned WIN7. I am able to use outbound RDP on the Win7 PC to connect to my XP or Vista machines. Any help would be greately appraciated.
when you enable remote desktop did you choose to enable connections from any version of remote desktop (less secure) or the only allow connections from remote desktop with network level authentication. If its the latter try the former and it should work fine.
With my W7 x64 PC, I am able to connect to Windows Vista PC with no problem. Make sure as posted above that you grant access. By default, I believe, the access is not granted.