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This is a subject that I have shied away from, until now, partly because I felt that it was over my head and because it seemed that it would open security doors better left shut and locked. However I'm interested in using something to obtain control of a remote desktop in my home network, primarily for the purpose of being able to access just one application...Movie Collector.

I find it easier to work with from my desktop, but want to be able to access it from my HTPC, via WiFi through my router (Linksys E3000), and my Belkin network adapter (F5D8055). Can someone show me the easiest and most secure means accomplish this? I do not want to use the internet in any fashion to do so.

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From what I read, it appears that TeamViewer is designed for operating over the internet, which I don't want to do. Can't I accomplish this somehow just within my own network?

hello i am interesting how to install windows from other network on the other network Through VPN. i have windows server 2003 at the work and i want windows install from at home

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