Windows 8 Remove Chromium OS and install Windows 8.0 RT


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Dec 25, 2015
Hey guys,
I was originally going to post this to a google forum but decided against it as I'd rather hear advice from a forum based upon Windows, my hometown :)

My uncle bought a Samsung Chromebook xe303c12 and did not know that you require internet for it to function at its best, so he asked me to remove Chromium OS and install Windows 8.0 RT because the notebook is an ARM processor. Now I noticed that Microsoft released the full Windows 8.0 RT Surface recovery image in a 3.4 GB file. Surface also uses an ARM processor so I was wondering if I can use install that image to my notebook and remove Chromium OS too using a bootable USB drive which I can create on my Windows 10 laptop. I can follow a normal Chromebook to Windows 8 tutorial as they are many of them and just replace the image file that they use with the image of Windows RT. So is it possible or will I be wasting my time?
Samsung Chromebook xe303c12
I have tested this system because we considered it for students but in the end didn't use it.
+ cheap i.e, very very cheap system.
- not much more than a web broswer

I never tryed changing the OS and don't know anyone still with a test unit so I can't help sorry... for what it's worth I would assume yes it's possible.
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