Removing data protected in TrustedInstaller area


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I have found with Disk Investigator scores of urls and passwords on my disk that windows7 has somehow put in the clear on my C drive. I have tried using HxD to overwrite the passwords, but windows7 gives me an 'Access denied' message when I try to save the changes. This write is supposedly being blocked by something called TrustedInstaller. I think I have found a long way around overwriting these passwords by backing up the disk with Paragon, deleting the passwords in the Paragon files, and then restoring the disk from these files. Does anyone know a more direct way of going in and overwriting the C drive? WinHex supposedly will do this but a bit expensive. I was even looking into mounting a Linux system and doing it with some program from there.



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Trusted installer is the system account for Microsoft... It's a very bad idea to make changes to these files but you should be allowed to make a copy of them (just change the name)

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