Repair Install of Windows 7

I have the same problem running a clean install, and cannot find a solution, it says "the specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted" when i enter a username and password even though i never set one up during the earlier stages of installation.And i resolve it succesfully, just visit the site here and you will have the solution in that problem.
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What media are you using to do or attempt the install? And are you doing it as a clean install?

I did a repair install with my windows 7 cd. I discovered just a few minutes ago when I tried to shut down, windows was doing all kinds of updating, so obviously it wasn't finished last night when I ran it. I will see if that USB error comes back
Yahoo is still a mess, but I guess that is just yahoo. It is their newest version that you HAD to go to, the one before this one was fine.l

And then, too, there is life without Yahoo... ;)

And then, too, there is life without Yahoo... ;)
They all have their problems I hear. I have had this screenname for so long, I wouldn't want to change it. Is there a yahoo forum here that you know of?

Wouldn't need to change it.

I only meant it in the context of Messenger. One can use yahoo names & address (Contacts) in or on Windows Live Messenger, not just w/ yahoo & w/out having (to get) a Hotmail or Live name & address.


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