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Hi there guys
I've got a new CPU a Intel i7 from a good friend of mine. The thing is, its been so long since I've replaced a new CPU and need some guideness from you.

I've got my own i5 intel and want to replace the i7 Intel CPU, but the thing is, they use exact same driver, though I can see from my own driver cd, mine is Gigabyte Intel 6 Series version 1.09 and the one that is i7 has Gigabyte Intel 6 Series Version 1.03, my question is, do I just unistall my old CPU driver and install the i7 driver or should I just keep my own driver installed after replacing the i7 CPU?

Also, is it necessary to do a complete format c (boot) after putting the i7 CPU in?
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Before thinking of attempting this, visit your motherboard's website and review the CPU QVL (qualified vendors list). This will be a list of compatible CPUs your motherboard maker has verified is compatible with your board in terms of chipset support, and correct CPU socket. This i7 must be on the QVL. If not, don't do it!

If this i7 uses has the same pin count and configuration as your i5, thus uses the same socket and is supported by your motherboard's chipset, then you will not need to update drivers or reformat/reinstall Windows. It should just work.

Do be sure you properly apply a new layer of TIM (thermal interface material) on the CPU before mounting the CPU's heatsink fan assembly. And for sure, take the necessary ESD prevention precautions to avoid any destructive static discharges.
Well, you did not specific which i7 you have, but it does appear the QVLs are identical so I think it safe to assume the i7 will work with your board. So I'd say you are good to go.

the i7 he gave me
I'd say you owe him a good steak dinner!
Well, assuming he had it installed and it did work on his motherboard (did it?) then I don't see where it will hurt for trying. Worst case scenario is it won't boot.
He did had it working. I'll try give it a try tomorrow :)
And if something happens I will contact you for guideness :D
And thanks again Digerati :) :up:
So everything went well as expected :)
I plugged the i7 CPU and no errors appears or anything :)
The pc runs smooth.