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May 19, 2012
I keep getting the following message whenever I open an app ( such as Mail ).......

I could change it to 1024x768 and it worked.
But if I exited from the app and then came back later, same error message reappeared, and I had to change resolution again.
Is there anyway I can make the change stick ?
Is the OS 8 or 8.1 you are using? If 8.1, did you go with the upgrade route or a clean install? What it sounds like to me is you got a corrupt install.
Did you burn the ISO to a disk and boot from disc? Or did you use the USB method, seems lot of the USB installs are buggy. Sometimes the download can be/get corrupted or burned at a speed that was to fast. It happened to me with the Windows 8 preview..I redownloaded the ISO made a new bootable disc, reinstalled and that time I was good to go.

Since 8.1 RTM is comming at the end of the month....that's going to be a hard call to make. Do I re-download the ISO and go through all that or just wait for 8.1 RTM and clean install then.

If this was my machine, I would re-download the ISO and burn it, and clean install to make sure I was error free.
Well, after reinstalling .....
1. resolution issue no more..... great.
2. sign in issue is iffy.
First I was able to sign in (with Win 8.1 ) but unable to reply.
Then I refreshed and was not even able to sign in at all.
Then I opened this thread, and tried to sign in. HEY! I got in.

Next, I am going to sign out and then try to sign back in.
I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Very strange.
I signed out, and then tried to sign back in. No go.
I opened this thread, and I was able to sign in.

I give up.
Either this forum is possessed, or I am.
ha ha ha ha.
If logging in is the only issue that you're having with ie11, you can always drag'n'drop the logon link into the address bar and load it from there. Another option; you can right click on the login/signup link and select open, copy link location , or open in new tab.
I'm stumped....sitting here scratching my head, thinking WTF is going on. I'm betting it's something simple as well.
I had had a lot of issues installing this win 8.1 preview.
I had viruses, 33 of them. Malwarebytes took care of that. That stupid Windows Defender must be out for lunch.
Then, resolution issue, which was rectified.
Then, I lost the Sleep option, which was rectified.
Then, System Restore could not finished, stating that there was an anti-virus interfering. I have yet to try that again.
Then, this sign in issue which is partially fixed.

I don't think I will open my wallet for the Win 8.1 Release.
Just did a system restore, using the most reliable restore point.
Here is the error message.
Holy crap....yours is one of the worst case's I've seen. On the bright side....8.1 will be free to those who have windows 8 all ready.

Question: Have you checked for a mobo chipset update and a BIOS update? If not, I would update the chipset and update/flash the BIOS. Freaking hell, it can't hurt...
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