Restoring windows 7


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Hi guys.

I have a Sony vaio that has recently been wiped unfortunately been hacked again for the second time damn neighbors.

Anyway I need to clean reinstall it all.

Apparently I need a product key.

I just had it repaired and the guy that repaired it upgraded it and didn’t give me the key and when I look under my computer it looks invalid.

So my question is how do I restore it now.

I need to use a usb stick to do this and I need know the a step by step process of how to do it.

If I can’t restore it back to windows 7 can I put it back to vista I have that product key on a stick on the bottom of the laptop.

I also need to know how to turn off any access they could make remotely to my laptop like remote administrative Remote Desktop or like maybe a vpn site to site connection. I want my laptop to be completely isolated however use the internet.

On the router they have set up a smb server with file sharing. How do I stop getting hacked.

It’s costing me 50 pound a laptop it’s ridicolous


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If you didn't create the recovery media (manufacturer specific) when the system was running you will need to contact Sony and order the recovery discs for your model. The OEM key should either be listed on a sticker on the device or with the manuals that came with the device. If you don't have this product key you will likely need to purchase a new license key at which point you can punch that key into Microsoft's site and download the retail ISO for Windows 7.

As to the "hacking", reset your router and secure it