Retail software activation key site. Genuine or not?


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Hi Folks,
I already have a genuine version of windows 7 installed on my main PC but would now like to instal it onto the other PC's I have at home. On searching the net to buy new licence keys I came across a site which claims to offer genuine unique keys for vastly reduced prices. Has anyone had any experience with this or a comparible site?
The site in question is

thanks for your help.


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This is all I could find on the subject...

Generally not safe if they can't provide a box and CD, and/or are selling multiple keys like that.

They're very likely misusing one of Microsoft's subscription services and the keys that sometimes come from them. They are discernible from normal ones (by Microsoft), and when people misuse accounts like that to resell, the keys are traceable to the person selling them, and can eventually end up blacklisted and turned off.

It's possible they really truly have a boxed product somewhere and are just saving shipping costs, but it's doubtful. (And if they are doing that, you also run the risk that they're going to turn around and sell the box to someone else then leave you to bicker about your key with Microsoft.)

And this...

According to licensing rules, it is not allowed for anyone to sell Windows Keys on their own without accompanying disks (or in the case of MS alone - by download through Digital River).



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Your correct in your thinking Mike personally if it doesn't come from a big name store or OEM or MS then it's most likely to be Illegally pirated keys and or copies of Windows