Seagate external hard disk raw file system

I have seen people who ask solution to Seagate external hard disk not formatted error. He wants to how to recover data from that problematic external hard disk. It seems familiarized. And then I recall that my external hard disk which is also bought form Seagate also have showed raw error and need to be formatted before I can use it. but at last it could be used normally and the original data saved on it have been recovered. I’d like to share that experience with you guys and hope it could help you:

At first, download and mount the data recovery software on the computer.

Secondly, insert the raw external hard disk into the same computer.

Thirdly, operate the data restoration program on the computer and then choose the recovery model and aim disk to scan.

Fourthly, preview the contents in the list after some minutes waiting when the scanning is finished and pick up the needed files to recover.

Finally, select one of the computer hard disks as the location to store files to be recovered.


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Very good point hsdggfg: one should firstly use the tools the disk maker provides.

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Thanks for sharing nice tutorial. I'd like to share tools that can fetch the data from RAW drives even if it's not accessible. The tool names Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery can read the RAW formatted drives as any other normal drives and lets you perform simple scanning and then recovery of your useful files and folders.

I'm sharing this to let others know about this handy utility that might help you survive your data saved on the RAW drives, either internal or external. Do give it a go and share your feedback too.

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