Securely deleting backup files


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Kinda related to a previous thread, but not the same question so.....

Awhile back, I backed up my iPhone 5S to a computer. I have sensitive data on in (on the strong end, my clients personal financial data/SSN/cc numbers). I need/want to securely remove all of my phones backup data from the computer so it can't be recovered and gone through by anyone that will be using the computer after me.

So, I used Eraser to do a secure, multi-pass deletion of the actual backup files located in "AppData" in Windows (This is where Apple tells me iTunes keeps its iPhone backup files, and even has a tutorial on how to manually delete them). I'm pretty sure it worked. For this question, I'm not so concerned with debating the efficacy of secure deletion, because I seem to get a lot of wildly conflicting opinions regarding it, but the majority of the opinions are that if done correctly, its usually an effective means.

[b[Here's my concern: Does Windows store/copy any iTunes backup data elsewhere within the Windows file system? Or, does the iTunes backup strictly stay in the "AppData" folder.[/B]


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As nmsuk stated user data will strictly be in C:\users\<username>\appdata. Computer shared data will be in C:\ProgramData


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Programdata should only contain settings, appdata will be it's exclusive storage location for local data which is on a per user basis.


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If you wish to do the data erasing job on your iPhone
This is not what the OP was asking about. She was referring to secure deletion of data from a backup held on a pc, not the original data as held on the iphone iteself so the replies made are appropriate and in relation to the original question.