Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4

I am having a problem with this update. Windows update has updated this one file 18 times already. Everytime I start the computer this update is ready to be installed again. Evertime this file has been installed the installation has been successful. If the instalation was succesful why does windows keep on intalling it over & over again. Does anyone know the answer to this problem I am having. Once a new update has been succesfully installed, Windows 7 should not have to install it over & over again.

I have used dotnetfx and remover Microsoft Framework 4 client. After I restarted Windows 7 it reinstalled the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 client along with the Security Update for Microsoft .Net Framework 4. Winwdow 7 stills keeps on installing the security update for Microsoft .Net Framework 4. Windows 7 update has reinstalled it another 7 times already, each stating that the install was successful. Do you have any other ideas on how to resolve this problem.


Noob Whisperer
No, and sorry that didn't work for you. I actually had occasion to use that identical fix procedure on a Windows 7 laptop yesterday and it worked perfectly for me. The only thing that I might have done slightly different is after using the CleanUp tool to remove the 4 client and rebooting, and then using the windows update utility to re-install the client, I did reboot again at that point prior to attempting to apply the security update to the new .net4 client install. Other than that I don't think I did anything different.

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