Security Warning Every Time I Open Downloaded App

I understand the need for a security warning asking for confirmation when running an app downloaded from the internet. But do I really need a warning every time after the first time for any given app? Is it possible to disable the warnings after I have opened the app at least once?


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If you're using Internet Explorer, you won't get this message, but any other browser will always display that message.
There is NO way to disable it, unfortunately.

It's not the browser warning that bothers me, but when I go to actually run the app. It makes sense to warn me the first time I open the app, but not every single time after that. You'd think it would be possible to recognize an app as verified after using it once so that further warnings are unnecessary. Is there no way to mark an app as safe so that it can boot up without a security warning?


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Right click on the file>>Properties>>Unblock>>OK

No way. Thanks!

Sure thing. Thanks for the help.

Just out of curiosity, do you happen to know if it is by design that the operating system doesn't disable this warning after opening the app once? I can't think of any reason why it would be helpful to continue to warn the user every time the app is opened with no clear way to disable the warning. It seems like a bit of an oversight by the interface design team. Or am I missing something here?


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That's corect, it's just another thing for Windows to nag you about.
Who knows? Might safe your computer one day.

Is it really possible for an app to harm your computer after you have already used it once? What are the odds that you wouldn't run into issues the first time you open the app (or the second, or third, etc)? It seems like if you are going to have a problem with the app it will happen on the first try and if you try it once there is no sense in warning you again after that.


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Some codes of viruses infect other files as they go,
But I do agree it's a quite pointless and at times annoying feature.

Grrr... So I'm finally at home now and hopped on my new windows setup to turn this feature on and it turns out I can't find it anywhere. I go to the Program Files directory, right-click on the app and open Properties. Nowhere can I find an "unblock" option though. There are several tabs in the Properties window, but I can't find it under any of them. :(


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We'll try taking ownership of the files.
Download this registry patch to add a "Take ownership" option to the right-click context menu
Now right click on the entire programs folder and select "Take Ownership"

Hope this helps!

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