select the SOLVED prefix


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I cant find a SOLVED prefix. Where is it and do you want me to go over all my past threads and mark them up?:confused:


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I don't know what you mean by editing the prefix either


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Hey drew,

So we just put the world SOLVED at the beginning of the op posting?

That sounds easy enough


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I understand Ben,

Just wodering but why is it called the prefix

'As for the Prefix, there is a simpler, fewer-steps way to find it...
1. > the OP of a thread
2. > Edit Post
3. > Go Advanced
Look up... in between Reason for Editing (optional) & Title boxes is Prefix box w/ the selectable choices. A word/label (examples - Info, Update, Solved) goes, gets put in front of the (thread) title.

Hi, I just solved an issue I was having on another thread and went back to edit as Solved. However, I don't see a place between Reason for Editing (optional) and Title boxes. There are only those two. Maybe I'm missing something, but in the meantime I edited my title with [SOLVED] at the beginning. I just want to keep everything uniform and proper.


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