Selective mouse response problem

I have an odd intermittent problem where with a few programs, sometimes there are areas within the window which are unresponsive to right or left mouse clicks whether from the touchpad or bluetooth/wired mice. hovering over a particular spot brings up mouseovers etc, but clicking or scrolling produces nothing.

For instance, I often open Internet Explorer and do a Google search and I can click on a few of the entries but not all of them, and I cannot scroll the page even by trying to drag the bar or click the up and down arrows at the right. I can highlight the address in the menu bar, copy it and paste it into Firefox or Chrome, and navigate to my heart's content. Besides WIndows Explorer, I have a few other programs this often happens with while the majority of my programs work fine all of the time.

Usually I can restart my computer and then it is fixed for a while but the issue shows up again later.
Most programs do not have this issue and the affected programs work perfect on my other PC's, I wonder if it is windows 8 related, hardware related, driver related, or software related. That problem has persisted through multiple OS, software, & driver updates over many months. Unfortunately this is hard issue to describe concisely enough to search forums for solutions for.

The notebook is an HP Envy DV7 7259nr (i7 3630QM @2.4 GHz) running WIn 8.1 Pro 64-bit.


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Have you tried a new mouse?

I've had issues like this over the years ( mouse becomes erratic or insensitive or just plain stops working off and on) and even though the mouse seems to work most of the time, and does so after rebooting, ( you can probably just unplug it and plug it in again) it can still be some issue with the mouse and it's software.

For me switching to a new mouse of a different brand, has always fixed these issues (new software etc).
If you have another mouse laying around just try it and see what happens.


Yes, the problem persists whether from the touchpad or a variety of bluetooth/wired mice :/

-and it is not a global problem, only sometimes on Internet Explorer and one or two other programs.

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