Serious Problem with Windows 7. Please help. . . .


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Hello All.
Please read completely. I m sorry for writing complete story but problem can not be solved without telling complete story.

I know there may be experts here. I need help from all of you.

I bought my Laptop few days ago. It was equipped with windows 7 ULTIMATE x64 with 6gb ram, 500 gb HDD.
The problem appeared all of a sudden when after few days, while doing work, i opened my User Folder and noticed that all data has been removed form it, including My Documents, Music, Pics, Downloads or what ever all includes in User Folder. And when i opened start menu, all program entries from start menu are also vanished out. But programs are still there in my Program Files folder in C drive.
Note: I have Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 with Updated Virus Definitions. So i don't think there is a chance of Malware activity with Updated Anti Virus.
Anyhow i managed to recover some of my Data with data recovery software. I i was unable to figure out what actually happened. I searched so far on Internet for it. Came to close the solution when some other person was with same situation and he also had done whatever i had done.
Now What I had Done?
I was starting my preinstallled Outlook Express 2010. (A program of Microsoft Office 2010 Suite). I did not responded and got doing setup for first use , i closed it from task manager and again tried to start it, Same condition. And i also tried to connect Bluetooth data transfer to some other laptop also. but it was failed. I restarted system and what happened is above problem i defined. User Folder empty and start menu empty. Programs unusable because all the setting was in User Folder but they still in Program Files Folder.

Huhhhhhhhhhhh, i reinstalled windows and restored my files that were recovered.
Just after few days, same problem happens, but this time, Everything is ok, but Start Menu was empty. I tried to restore but every restore point is not working as it is not completely restored , so i have to undo. remain at same situation.
This time, i m wandering that i had not installed even Microsoft Outlook Express. But i think problem may arise with driver Update from "Driver Max" software or CCLEANER Software i use, but i checked c cleaner thoroughly , but there is no option selected to clean start menu out. Another problem that i think may caused by me , that when scanning registry in c cleaner, it suggested invalid entries removal from registry that i removed all by c cleaner without backing it up.

I think c claner was suggesting "start menu entries clean form registry that lost conneciton with programs". This mean something happened before c cleaner that broke connection between shortcuts and original programs.

I m unable to figure out what is happening and what will happen if it keep doing same again and again after reinstalling windows also. There must be solution that where the hell problem occurs. What cleans start menu and User Folder. Is it Bluetooth problem.
Note again: I have again full scanned my computer to check if it is virus but no virus is found in any of my devices and PC.

Please EXPERTS , please please please help me. I m in trouble.
Thank you all in anticipation.


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Since you bought it recently, I would suggest you contact your retailer. The need to re-install Windows a few days after purchase isn't quite "normal". What caused the data to disappear in the first place, is quite a question. The possibility that the new installation failed may be obvious... I'd be inclined to believe that there is a hardware failure. Take it to the seller for check.

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