Setting up Drive Partitions for Installing Windows 10

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    Hi Roger,
    Sorry to hear you are battling health issues; those are no fun at all. I hope you recover soon. This sounds like a very good way to go as we have discussed in some detail. Re-reading this thread, if you can spend some time finding the build date of your old XP computer, remember that if it was built prior to 2006, there's a 99% chance it won't run W10 properly, even if your machine passes the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST:
    Get Windows 10 app - Check Compatibility Report for Windows 10, which I mentioned earlier.

    For backup procedures, take a look at the free Macrium Reflect Image backup software here:
    In that regards, I strongly urge you to make an image backup of your existing Win7 or new W10 configuration using the free Macrium Reflect software found here: Macrium Reflect Free.
    And if you've never done an Image backup before, you'll need an inexpensive external usb hard drive which run about $60 US for a 1TB drive which should give you plenty of space to store at least 3 complete backup images. This is a really good idea to have this capability to protect all your personal data from irretrievable data loss.
    Here's a great step-by-step video from Britec on how to make your 1st Image Backup:

    Many of us Techs here on WF use this software or similar to protect our aging (and new!) computers.;)

    I'd also recommend that you consider doing both manual folder backup to your external hard drives via free backup software such as AOEMI Backupper or Paragon Software.

    Finally, it's a good idea in addition to doing Image Backups and Manual Folder backups, you should consider doing Cloud storage backup as well. I use both Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive for free Cloud backups. And, on the recommendation of my local computer club president, I began using a paid-version of Cloud Backup called CrashPlan; which costs $60/yr. or only $5/month. It has already saved the bacon of one of my Customers who lost her main bootdrive which I could not retrieve anything from and it costs at least $550 to get anything off of it. We restored all her data from her CrashPlan backup in a couple of hours no problem!
    Here's the CrashPlan site: Online Data Backup | Offsite, Onsite & Cloud | Crashplan.

    I also am using Macrium to clone my 500GB bootdrive to a backup 500GB identical capacity backup drive on a once a month basis as well. As you can see, you need at least 3 levels of backup protection, and 1 of them needs to be outside of your home or apartment in the case of natural disaster such as flood, fire, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, typhoon, tsunami, etc. etc. ;)

    Best of luck,:encouragement:

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