Share your oldest screenshots

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Try to add the month and year to your screenshot uploads, if possible šŸ˜Š

Here are some of my oldest screenshots:


June 1999. I was about 13 years old. Windows 95's Control Panel on our Packard Bell MultiMedia 9030.


April 2003. Unreal Tournament 2003, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and Battlefield 1942. They take me back. I'm surprised I was using IrfanView, even back then (I still do, daily), and even more surprised that the logo/icon hasn't changed! I still use Winamp daily, too.


June 2003. Looks like I was messing around with Serious Samurize.


February 2004. KaZaA Lite, FlashFXP and Nero Burning ROM!


March 2004. A photo of my system, including Planet Quake! I was using Planet Unreal (and a map website along the lines of Nali Maps?) a lot more, back then. I never really got into Quake 3 Arena. Check out the size of the DVD player šŸ˜‚


May 2004. MSN Messenger and Messenger Plus! Google's Froogle!


March 2005. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, a Logitech WingMan Gaming Mouse and my Sagem myX-7. Classics.
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Wow, it is so amazing to see the Old but powerful machine. You have a great collection, I am really happy seeing these photos...


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This is awesome I bought my first system back in 2003 it was Pentium III with 10 or 20 GB Hard drive, a CD reader and a floppy disk with 128 GB ram and I love playing Age of Empire, GTA, IGI, and Delta force.. It was an amazing thing for me.